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Brett Byland, ARM - EXT 110

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Initials: _____ FOR CONDOMINIUMS, TOWNHOUSES, AND SUBDIVISIONS WITH COMMON AREAS. Common areas (e.g., walls, foundation, roof, garage, laundry, etc.), shared by more than one unit, common mechanical systems (e.g., water heater, plumbing, etc.) used by more than one unit, and areas typically under the jurisdiction of the homeowners’ association (e.g., exterior grounds, exterior structure, and exterior systems) will not be inspected.

The inspection and report are not intended to be used as a guarantee or warrantee, expressed or implied, regarding the adequacy, performance or condition of any inspected structural item or system.

It is specifically and expressly agreed that he client shall give written notice of any claim against the company immediately upon discovery of any alleged defect. In the event that the defect is not reported to the company within 30 days of discovery, company shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever. In the event that the client repairs, or replaces the alleged deficiency, before the company is given reasonable opportunity to inspect the defect, the client shall be deemed to have waived any claim against the company.

Under the limitation and exclusion clause home inspectors are excluding: permit research,mold and mildew,formaldehyde,flood plain certification, asbestos,china drywall, tainted drywall and materials, Sheetrock, plasterboard, gypsum board, wall board, drywall or any substantially similar material and other substance not visually detectible.

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