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RISKPRO Seeks to Purchase Insurance Agency for Sale

RISKPRO is exploring the option of insurance agency acquisitions. We are looking to purchase/buy an independent insurance agency in a state in which we are currently licensed as an insurance agent: (CLICK HERE to see a list of the states).

The type of agency we are interested in pursuing would have one of three characteristics:
  1. Has an existing book of professional liability business,
  2. Has an existing book of group health insurance business, or
  3. Has an existing book of commercial surplus lines business.
Is insurance agency acquisition a part of your business perpetuation plan? Is now a good time to sell an independent insurance agency? If you would like to discuss these questions or if you have an insurance agency for sale that you would like us to purchase/buy, please contact:

RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC
Gerald P. Brunker, CPCU, ARM, ext. 170
Local Calls: (972) 235-3030
Toll Free: (866) 900-RISK

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