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Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property, also known as BPP, refers to tangible properties that are not land, building or most other things that are attached to the land.

Specifically business personal property is property that is commonly found within an office building, such as desks, chairs, tables, computers, printers, valuable papers/records and fine arts. A simple way to think of it is, items that you would only take with you if you were to move to a new office location.

Business Personal Property is most commonly included in a business owners policy (BOP). On occasion the business personal property you want covered might exceed the policy's included limits. In this case, you have the option to schedule the item for its replacement cost. For example, if your policy's limit for fine arts is $25,000 but you had a piece of art that was valued at $50,000, you could have that specific piece of fine art scheduled on to the policy for the $50,000 replacement cost.

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