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Professional Liability/
Errors and Omissions

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions is coverage designed to protect traditional professionals (e.g., physicians) and quasi-professionals (e.g., real estate brokers) against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing professional services. Although there are a few exceptions, most professional liability policies cover economic losses suffered by third parties, as opposed to bodily injury and property damage (which is typically covered under commercial general liability policies). The vast majority of professional liability policies are written with claims-made coverage triggers. (source: International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI))

A professional is generally defined as a person paid to understand a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee. A professional has a responsibility and duty to perform those tasks or services that satisfies a standard of care expected of a reasonable person. If not, allegations of professional negligence or errors and omissions may be made by the client(s) or third parties.

Professional liability or errors and omissions insurance is designed to protect professionals by defending them and paying any judgments or settlements on claims that may arise, which fall within the policy's scope of coverage.

In the face of broad differences in coverage terms from various insurers, now is an important time for you to have a knowledgeable independent agent that can access various insurers to make sure you have the most competitive professional liability program available.

Since 1991 RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC has been pleased to offer services to the professional community as an important resource for professional liability insurance and risk management issues. The following outline explains the risk management expertise being offered to support your firm. An abbreviated application to obtain premium indications for professional liability coverage is enclosed for your convenience.

Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services:

• The current state of the professional liability insurance market requires hard work to assure the most competitive premiums and broadened coverage.

• RISKPRO has arranged with several professional liability underwriters to obtain premium estimates based on the information presented on our short-form application.

• RISKPRO has the independence to access various underwriters and generate alternative quotations for your consideration. We only offer coverage through insurers with solid financial ratings.

• RISKPRO offers knowledgeable representation on professional liability issues. The interaction of an experienced agent on your team will enable you to understand and make informed decisions about the strengths offered by various professional liability programs.

• RISKPRO provides knowledgeable input and support on risk management techniques and claims-made insurance coverage issues. As agents for various insurers we have access to their proprietary risk management resources available over the internet. We make this value added service available to our clients.

• RISKPRO will be available to do preliminary contract review and provide claim situation analysis and guidance as part of an on-going service cycle after coverage has been placed. Services will also include prompt and accurate issuance of certificates of insurance.

If you are looking for comparison quotes for your renewal or interested in obtaining coverage for the first time, click here to complete an application. You can also contact us, at your convenience, if you wish to discuss your options prior to completing an application.

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