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Zachary Whiting, ARM
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Avaliable Coverages:

• Commercial Auto Insurance
• Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance
• Umbrella liability insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
• Non-Trucking Liability
• Trailer Interchange Insurance
• Workers' Compensation

Types of Businesses:
• Common carriers
• Contract carriers
• Couriers
• Expeditors
• Freight forwarders
• Household goods movers
• Passenger Transport
• Private carriers
• Retail operations
• Truck Brokers
• Trucking Operations (longhaul & local haul)
• and more...

Types of Trucks:
• Box or Straight Truck
• Cargo Cutaway
• Flatbed
• Ice Box
• Moving Truck
• Pickup/Hotshotters
• Reefer Truck
• Sleeper Box
• Stake Body Truck
• Tank Truckers
• Tilt Cab
• Trailers
• Truck Tractors
• and more...

Benefits of working with RISKPRO:
  1. Assistance in meeting state & federal insurance filing requirements by promptly filing forms including:
  2. - Form E
    - BMC-34
    - Form I
    - Form H

  3. As independent agents, we have unique access to the leading commercial trucking insurance markets. This allows us to provide a variety of coverage options with highly competitive pricing.

  4. Need to provide proof of insurance? We are available to provide prompt issuance of certificates of insurance.

  5. When the unfortunate happens and claims arise, we are here as your first point of contact.
If you are looking for comparison quotes for your renewal or are interested in obtaining coverage for the first time, click here to complete an application. You can also contact us, at your convenience, if you wish to discuss your options prior to completing an application.

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