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Commercial auto coverage is for autos that are used primarily in the course of business. This could include an auto that you personally own and primarily use to conduct your day to day business activities; company owned fleet autos intended for employee use during the course of business; buses, limos and taxis; and construction vehicles.

Commercial trucks (cargo delivery trucks) have specific commercial auto policies designed to meet the needs for their areas of exposure and include coverage for cargo.

Tow trucks will also need a policy specifically designed for their services as their coverage needs to include garagekeepers/storage location insurance.

Personal auto policies typically exclude autos that are used to transport fee paying passengers; vehicles used when hired by a company to transport passengers; delivery vehicles (this can even include a personal auto used in pizza delivery); and construction vehicles.

Also, your personal auto coverage could be jeopardized if you apply for personal auto coverage indicating your vehicle is only used for "To and From" work activities but you actually use it often to make business related trips. This could be deemed as a material misrepresentation on your personal auto policy's application.

Each personal auto policy is different so you should check your policy for any exclusions that might specifically apply when determining if a commercial auto policy is right for you.

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