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Professional Liability/E&O
Commerical General Liability (CGL)
Hired/Non-Owned Auto
Third Party Fidelty Bond
Umbrella Liability
Workers' Compensation
$100,000 to $1,000,000
$300,000 to $1,000,000
$300,000 to $1,000,000
$250,000 to $1,000,000
$5,000 to $1,000,000
$1,000,000 to $5,000,000
$100,000 of payroll
$400 per million
*varies by state and employee class code
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Commercial General Liability (CGL)
Commercial general liability insurance is the basis for your technology insurance portfolio. Many of your clients and vendors will normally require minimum of $1 million in limits for the commercial general liability policy. Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage can be added by endorsement. Coverage for damage for your property can be added as well as Umbrella Liability coverage.

Professional Liability or Information Technology Errors & Omissions (E&O)
Sometimes this coverage can be endorsed on to your general liability insurance policy to broaden your coverages to provide protection for your professional services exposures. These exposures typically involve claims and losses that arise out of your rendering or failing to render professional advise, consulting, custom programming and intellectual-property violations. The premium for this policy usually starts at around $625 per year. Sometimes it is more cost effective to obtain a separate policy.

Umbrella Liability Insurance
Umbrella is used to increase the limits on your underlying liability coverages. This is sometimes referred to as excess coverage. The premiums for this policy are usually $400 per $1 million dollars of limits.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
This policy is normally obtained once you have employees on your payroll or may be required in your contracts with clients or by state statute. Lifetime medical expenses are provided for work related injuries and income disability payments to about 67% of pre-injury wages are paid subject to state limitations.

Cyber Liability
Cyber liability insurance provides coverage for breach/loss of personal sensitive information and can include coverage for cost to notify victims of a data breach, monitor their credit (as may be required by state law) and cost of reputation repair.

Fidelity Coverage/Crime Bond
Provides coverage for your employee's mishandling or theft of your money or property, such as depositors forgery or alteration, theft of securities, money and other property, robbery and safe burglary and computer & funds transfer fraud. Coverage may also be structured to cover money, securities, and other property that is owned or leased by a client for which you are under contract to perform services.

Our Services:
RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC has been a trusted resource to IT professionals for professional liability insurance and risk management best practices since 1991. Our services include obtaining competitive quotes, explaining coverage options, providing contract review services, claims situation analysis and issuing certificate of insurance promptly

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- Trends we see in technology risk management and insurance marketplace:

• Ease of access to intellectual property and private data through the internet continues to be an avenue for liability that is difficult to control. Standard and best practice security protocols have been developed but remain widely neglected by companies in many industries. Lack of knowledge, cost of implementation and questions as to their effectiveness are seen as contributors to the limited use of these security protocols.

• Insurance companies are developing and refining new insurance products, such as cyber liability insurance, to help finance losses from data breaches.

• The full scope and definition of 'cyber liability' is still being determined by the courts and the insurance industry. Complete coverage for data breaches and security glitches is sometimes spread between several policies, potentially leaving gaps in coverage.

• Employees are the focal point of greater than 50% of security breaches, either through misplacing a laptop or thumb drive, being a victim of laptop theft while traveling, or directly through a rouge employee's intentional theft of company data.

• Third party hackers are responsible for almost 33% of data breaches.

• High profile hacking attempts have become commonplace. The government and the technology industry are often a few steps behind internet hackers as new security methods are being implemented to try and protect digital assets. High profile hacking attempts have become commonplace. The government and the technology industry are often a few steps behind internet hackers as new security methods are being implemented to try and protect digital assets.

• As the economy cycles out of a recession, employers in many industries are turning to IT temporary staffing firms for IT W2s and 1099 subcontractors. Lack of standardized contract forms in the IT industry leaves many Staffing and IT firms without a standardized reference for fair contract language. This significantly increases the chances of signing a "bad" contract and could jeopardize any insurance coverage.

• Developing good contract risk management techniques can help decrease liability and decrease premiums for professional liability/errors & omissions insurance.

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