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Hired/ non-owned auto liability coverage intends to provide coverage for a business that is sued due to an accident involving a borrowed, rented, hired or leased vehicle used by an employee while in the course of conducting business for the named insured.

A hired vehicle would be a rental vehicle rented to conduct company business. A non-owned vehicle can include autos personally owned by an employee of the named insured (usually a corporation or limited liability company) and used in the course of conducting business for said named insured.

Hired, non-owned auto coverage strictly intends to extend coverage for defense and indemnity for claims against a named insured that arise from an accident involving a vehicle that is borrowed, rented, hired or leased by an employee for business conducted on behalf of the company listed as the named insured. Injury to employees could be covered by a workers' compensation policy; damage to vehicles could be covered by commercial and/or personal auto policies; and damage to company personal property in a vehicle in an accident could be covered under and inland marine policy.

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Please read the note to the left prior to filling this out as this application would only be for a stand alone Hired/Non-Owned Auto Policy.
Please read the note above prior to filling this out as this application would only be for a stand alone Hired/Non-Owned Auto Policy.

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1. What is the nature of your business?
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3. How many owners are there?
4. How many employees are there (including owners)?
5. What is the gross annual payroll amount?
6. What is the total annual gross revenue or sales?
7. What is the Federal Employer ID Number?

Hired Non-Owned Auto Liability Information
8. Does your company own or lease any vehicles?

9. Do employees use their personal vehicles on company business?

Coverage Information
10. What is your current insurance company?
11. What is your expiration date?
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