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Company Name
Contact Name
Street Address


Underwriting Information
1. Named insured title?
Builder's name if different than the named insured?

2. Is the business a
Sole Proprietorship,
LLC or
Other ?

3. Does builder/remodeler/owner/GC have at least 2 years experience?
Yes No

4. Number of structures built/remodeled during the past 12 months?

5. Number of structures projected for the next 12 months?

6. Has the builder/remodeler had any single loss over $10,000 in the last 3 years? Yes No

7. Property State?

8. Property County?

9. Type of project? (ie remodeling/renovation including coverage for the existing structure)

10. Type of property?
Commercial Residential

11. Policy effective date?

12. Policy period?
6 months 1 Year

13. Property location (address, city, state & zip)?

14. What type of construction is the house (Frame, Masonry, Brick Veiner, etc)?

15. Year structure build (existing structure)?

16. Intended occupancy (ie single family dwelling)?

17. Will structure be occupied during construction?
Yes No

18. Square footage of existing structure?

19. Has the project started?
Yes No

20. Is there a sales contract on this structure? Yes No

21. Estimated length of project (in months)?

22. Description of work to be performed?

23. Have architectural plans been developed for this project?
Yes No

24. Has a licensed engineer reviewed & approved the plans?
Yes No

Coverage Requested
25. Amount of renovation/improvements (or New Build: total completed construction value)?

26. Existing building(s) or structure(s) amount?

Additional Information
27. Will the existing structure be insured by another policy during construction?
Yes No

28. Does the building have an operable sprinkler system? Yes No

29. Is the existing structure listed on any historical registry or subject to a historical society regulation?
Yes No

30. Has the existing structure been moved or will it be moved as part of this project?
Yes No

31. Date existing structure was purchased (mm/dd/yyyy)?

32. Any previous losses at this location as a result of quake, flood, wind, fire or vandalism? Yes No

33. Provide a brief description of the structure to be renovated and condition of the existing structure?

34. Number of stories?

35. Total square footage of completed project?

36. If lender needs to be included, list full name, address and phone number of lender?

Are there any questions, comments or additional coverage required?

All information provided is confidential and will be used soley to obtain an indication for coverage.
Coverage cannot be bound from this information sheet.

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