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Miscellaneous Professionals and Professional Service Providers
Professional services rendered by various industry professionals can include a wide range of services and activities. In rendering these services, professionals are often at risk of unforeseen exposures that can result in claims against them or their services rendered.

Common Examples of Miscellaneous Professional Services Include:
• Allied Health Care/Medical Services
• Business and Professional Services
• Consulting Services
• Education and Employment Services
• Financial Services
• Health/Fitness/Sports and Personal Care Services
• Insurance and Legal Services
• Marketing, Advertising and Media Services
• Land and Property Services
• Travel, Recreation and Entertainment Services

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance
Miscellaneuos Professional liability insurance, sometimes called malpractice, errors and omissions or E&O insurance, is available from a range of specialty lines insurers and association programs. Coverage and pricing varies greatly depending upon the areas of services, annual billings, loss history and staff size.

In the face of broad differences in coverage terms from various insurers, now is an important time for you to have a knowledgeable independent agent that can access various insurers to make sure you have the most competitive professional liability program available.

If you are looking for comparison quotes for your renewal or interested in obtaining coverage for the first time, click here to complete an application. You can also contact us, at your convenience, if you wish to discuss your options prior to completing an application.

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