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One level of risk management is to insure your business. There are several commercial insurances products available to properly protect your company from the various risks that might cause financial harm. Coverages can be customized to suit a company's particular insurance needs and are available for small, medium or large buinsesses. If you already know what your looking for, just fill out the appropriate application listed below...

The following are excerpts from emails and letters from our clients, commenting on our service:

"We are done with worrying about our insurance and we have to thank you for introducing us to such a onderful friend and an insurance expert to us. We now have all the required insurance and we got it at the best possible price. Jerry was very professional through out the process and helped us by providing valuable advice. We will definitely be referring him to anyone with insurance needs."
Testimonial about Jerry from Ashley at TTS Solutions,
and helped us by providing valuable advice. We will
Inc to an industry associate:
"We have discussed the increases in our policies. Obviously, no one likes an increase in rates. Based upon your recommendation that these increases are at least fairly good related to what the industry is experiencing, we have elected to continue with the BCBS plans. Thanks for your explanation and review of the plans. We probably put as much stock in that as anything."

Dennis J. Hergenrether Jr.
Hergenrether Penner McGuire Consulting Engineers, Inc.
"Thank you for all of your hard work. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

Victor Lissiak III
Viewtech Inc
"We are pleased to inform you that your company was in the top five of the approximate fifty vendors we reviewed. As a result we have named you a Vendor of the Year."

PDS Tech, Inc - Vendor of the Year Awarded in 2006 & 2007

"You folks are right on top of things there..........!!!

"Great Company, I refer all my friends to you, incredible affordable rates and professional service."

Dale Duffy
Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.
"They have been a tremendous help. Received a quote very quickly, awesome service, and more than willing to respond, better prices! I would urge everyone to contact them before renewing!"

Commented on NACHI message board
"Thank You Again for being so helpful. I would not think to ask anyone else. I am so impressed that you have alwaysrememberd me.... That kind of service is far and few between in these times."

James D Reeves
Reeves Inspection Service

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