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The headlines are full of stories of how bad storms force small business to close. Fact is, 40% of those businesses will never reopen.

The Hartford’s business income coverage can help those businesses stay in business by helping the business replace the income it looses while it repairs and recovers. The Hartford takes business income coverage to a new level.

Typically, insurance companies provide coverage when the utility services are damaged on premises. The same cannot be said when damage occurs off premises. A severe windstorm hits town but totally misses the “Petals Flower Shop.” A lucky blow? Maybe not! The storm took out the town’s over head transmission lines blowing out the towns electrical service. Without power, the lights aren’t on and the doors can’t open. Without power the phone stops ringing so they loose income from potential phone orders. Without power, credit card systems are down and sales drop dramatically. So “Flowers Petal Shop” is forced to close for 5 days despite the fact that it sustained no direct damage from the storm, loosing $3,000 worth of income per day. That’s a $15,000 loss.

Fortunately, “Petals Flower Shop ” purchased an endorsement that includes business income protection for off premises utility services and automatically provides coverage for overhead transmission lines protecting them for up to $25,000 in lost income. Compare that to limits you’ll find elsewhere and consider that with some insurance companies coverage for overhead transmission lines is only an option, not protection that is automatically included. As a result, lost income wasn’t a thorny issue for “Petals Flower Shop ” and today business is blooming. Business income coverage from The Hartford protects the life blood of the business, it’s income. With smart solutions like business income coverage, The Hartford is helping small businesses weather the unexpected by helping to protect their income.

Contact us to learn more. The Hartford, helping small businesses prepare, protect, prevail… so they can play on.


As independent agents, The Hartford is just one of the markets RISKPRO Insurance Agency is directly appointed with to obtain quotes for our clients. There is no additional cost added to the policy for using an independent agent and your premiums are likely to be lower due to our experience and negotiation on your behalf. The other benefit to using an independent agent is our access to many different insurance markets. So if by chance The Hartford is not the best fit for your business, we will work with other insurance companies to help you find coverage to meet your specific insurance needs.